Where do broken hearts go?

I know this question is as old as time itself but seriously, where do they go?

I know this question is as old as time itself but seriously, where do they go?

Does anyone have the answer to that yet? Kindly let a sister in on the secret. The reason I have brought this up is because lately I am suffering from a very intense heartache and I found myself wondering where to dispose of the pain, confusion and self pity. See, at 24, life was much easier- you would get dumped and in seconds, hooked up again. Okay, that was probably lust (for lack of a better word) but do hear me out on this. Relationships were the order of the day and there were always at least three dudes after one girl. To put it clearly – options!


Alas! Things have fallen apart and it is not the case anymore especially with crazily high HIV statistics and each girl being much prettier than the last. Hearts are breaking more seriously than ever for the flimsiest of reasons.


Here I am at 30 years, heartbroken and pondering: Do I go to the bar? 


Do I run into the arms of an ex boyfriend (talk about picking your puke off the floor and eating it again)? Do I listen to music (that can be depressing too)?

Do I cry (been there and it did not change anything)? What do I do? So here I am stuck and confused but at least inspired enough to talk about how I feel hoping that somewhere, somehow, there’s a woman out there who can relate to my experience.

If you find out where this pain goes, do share!

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