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I’ve stretch marks on my breasts despite never conceivingDear Doctor;I have stretch marks on my breasts, I have never conceived and my breasts are still firm, what brings the stretch marks and how can I get reed of them? Madinah, 22.

I’ve stretch marks on my breasts despite never conceiving

Dear Doctor;

I have stretch marks on my breasts, I have never conceived and my breasts are still firm, what brings the stretch marks and how can I get reed of them? Madinah, 22.

Dear Madinah,

Stretch marks on breasts can occur without child birth. Recent weight loss causes loss of fat in the bod,  including in the breasts because breasts are constituted of fat. This causes stretch marks.  Similarly, recent weight gain also results in stretch marks.

Stretch marks also occur due to hormonal changes. There are various herbal and other moisturising creams and lotions available which when used regularly reduce stretch marks over time. Apart from this, laser therapy and surgical derm abrasion are also used to treat stretch marks.

What should I consider when taking full checkup?

Dear Doctor;

I wanted to do a full medical checkup, what should areas should be given a lot of attention when conducting a thorough health checkup? Anthony, 29.

Dear Anthony,

At 29, one naturally remains healthy unless exposed to a lot of stress, alcohol, tobacco and or fats. You need to do tests to exclude diabetes and hyperlipidemia. If you have a high blood pressure and are habituated to alcohol, you can do tests for liver and kidney functions as well.


The tests you need to do would be blood glucose, serum cholesterol, lipid profile, blood urea, serum creatinine, serum SGOT (Serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase, an enzyme that is normally present in liver and heart cells) and SGPT (Serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase.) X-ray chest and electrocardiogram would also be useful. These are all part of what is called as executive check up.

How do I wean my 3-year-old daughter from breastfeeding?

Dear Doctor;

My three-year-old daughter has failed to stop breast feeding, what can I do to stop her? Anita.

Dear Anita,

Children usually continue to breast feed if they remain hungry. For some it is a psychological dependence, where they feel safe and secure being on mom’s breast. At times mothers pacify their children by putting them on breast at the slightest hint of anger or sulking by the child.


First off all you give solid food to your daughter. She can be given every kind of food ranging from chapatti to rice, porridge, vegetables, eggs, fruits, among others. Only things to be avoided are pepper, very hot spices and junk food. Once the stomach is  full, she will not have inclination to take breast milk. Another thing is do not give her your breast the moment she starts crying or demanding something. Play games with her and tell stories. This way being busy will also distract her from the breast.

Can a lump that grows on my back cause a clot?

Dear Doctor;

I have some lump that always grows on my back, below the right shoulder bone. I understand it is due to using computer mouse. Could this result in a blood clot? I take daily message, and exercise, too, but the lump just won’t go. Besides, there is always a burning sensation inside my body felt from the back. What could this be? Moses, 31.

Dear Moses,

Lump on the back can be due to many reasons, but the computer mouse will certainly not cause it. It can be simply a swelling consisting of fat, called lipoma, which is benign.It can be a swelling from the muscles or other soft tissue or bones.


Burning pain could be due to the local nerves being compressed by swelling or strain induced by repetitive movement of right hand and hence upper limb and shoulder while working on the computer. It’s best to show this lump to a doctor and if necessary get a biopsy done.

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