I hate people who...

There are some half baked mothers that I wish someone had told about the different contraception methods available on the market.

…torture their little children with crazy hairstyles. There are some half baked mothers that I wish someone had told about the different contraception methods available on the market. I mean I just do not understand why you would torture a little girl by dragging her to the hair salon where she has to sit for hours to have her hair pulled, fried and so many other painfully things that other women do to themselves inside there in order to resemble a cheap mannequin.

Why do you have to rob your child’s childhood just to massage your foolish ego? Indeed some of these jokers do this with hope that it will compensate for their own beauty deficiencies yet it exposes their mental emptiness instead.   


…hide their cheap phones yet they have annoying ringtones. I like the way some people try to flash their ‘style’ and then end up confirming to the world that their parents made a mistake just by bringing them to this world. I am not just being mean but you have to agree that some people are just too damn annoying.


Take the case of someone with a very loud and annoying phone ringtone yet her phone is hidden at the bottom of those big bags that women use to steal babies. By the time she pulls out her ‘Sansamq S6’ the irritating ringtone will have seen pregnant women miscarrying while old men will develop cancer of the ears just from enduring the audio torture. Such people do not need phones but full accommodation at a mental facility. 


…only think after a disaster has happened. Being prepared well in time is a smart thing to do. However some jokers seem to prefer preparing to be embarrassed first before they can do what they are supposed to do. Don’t you just hate that the Nyabugogo area floods each time it rains and yet during the dry season nothing much is done to ensure that the place gets a better drainage system. Now the rains are back.

They hit with force last Monday and washed away the tarmac. And as expected work is now going on to fix the problem of the tarmac but not much else concerning the real issue which is drainage of water from Kimisagara and the neighbouring settlements. 

…always complaining about the transport system in Kigali. Ever since the City Council rolled out a new transport system for the city some people are through with their internship and are now full time senior complainers. Public transport will probably never be luxurious since it is given by those who want profit and consumed by those in a hurry.

Instead of complaining so much why don’t you start saving so you can leave the complaining clan? I use public transport everyday but do you see me complaining? Well of course I would slap those who put it in place without doing enough consultations but I am hoping they will consult me after reading this.

…arrogantly park in front of gates and entrances. I just wish car dealers would demand a certificate of clean mental health before handing over a car to its owner. Because seriously speaking I do not understand how someone can park his/her car in front of an entrance or gate.

It does not even matter whether it is an expensive Range Rover or a sample of a car aka a Vitz. An entrance is for other to pass so it cannot double as a garage for someone who has only yogurt instead of a brain. Such people should surrender their driving licences after reading this column. 

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