Nina and Christian survive eviction

The second eviction show of Project Fame Season Three was bitter-sweet for the two Rwanda contestants on probation last week.
L-R:Nina Bora;Christian Rwirangira
L-R:Nina Bora;Christian Rwirangira

The second eviction show of Project Fame Season Three was bitter-sweet for the two Rwanda contestants on probation last week.

Christian’s first brush with probation pulled up the biggest surprise of the night when the show’s comic presenter Dr. Mich announced that the viewers had chosen to save the budding Rwandan singer from eviction. For Nina Bola it was the second date with the dreaded list in the Tusker academy.

After the teacher’s saved Tanzania’s Illuminata, it was down to Nina and the other Tanzanian Carol for the other contestants to chose.

Although Nina was the overwhelming choice for her colleagues, on learning of the decision she broke down in tears in front of presenter Sheila Mwanyigha, out of relief.

The decision to evict Carol will pass as a fair one especially after Illuminata and Nina survived the judge’s wrath with stellar performances on the night.

Christian’s vastly improved performance compared to last Sunday’s weak attempt would still have put him in a difficult position with the teachers who had decided to unanimously save Illuminata.

So the popular decision to save him came as a surprising reprieve as shown by the rapturous scream when his name was announced. Carol however delivered the weakest performance and was clearly headed for the exit.

Saturday’s eviction leaves only one Tanzanian in the House to compete with the contestants from the other three East African countries, who all have the full contingents intact.

The main weakness in the music academy remains the contestant’s vocal skills and it is no wonder that the bulk of the teacher’s work lies with the Voice Coach Miss Kavutha who has done a very commendable job especially with Nina and Illuminata.

Most of judge’s comments have also rotated around voice control, stage confidence, and proper breathing.

Meanwhile, the budding relationship between Illuminata and home boy Christian will gain a new lease of life as both lovebirds get an opportunity to prove that theirs is more than a one-off roll in the hay.

Perhaps as Illuminata cannot help falling love with Christian and no wonder she did UB40’s ‘Cant Help Falling in Love’ much better than the last time.

As the fourth week begins, Rwandans will look up to their three shining stars to make the country proud by bringing the one hundred million francs home.


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