Tales of a Nigerian student in Rwanda

RWANDA is not just a land of a thousand hills and a million smiles; there is more to this country than what many people out there think.

RWANDA is not just a land of a thousand hills and a million smiles; there is more to this country than what many people out there think.

I arrived in Rwanda on October, 8, 2011, aboard flight number 0024, Ethiopian Airways. After seeing the crew members on board, I can only say that they were beyond beauty – so magnificent and elegant. Like a rose flower that can never fade. But little did I know that it was just the beginning of my journey into the helm of goddesses.

I used to have a silly mentality that East Africa was empty like a vacuum or like a pale without water.  Little did I know that I was moving into a country not that blessed with natural resources but with diamonds that don’t glitter. From the airport, my mum drove me home and I slept that morning because it had been a long trip. When I woke up the next day, I stood at the balcony and I looked out at the hills of the country and started to believe that they had eyes. I looked down from the cleft where I was and I was a bit scared because my country Nigeria is level ground. I decided to dress up and go explore the country to know what’s up. I wandered in the streets of Kigali like a novice in wonderland.

In less than 5 minutes, I met a stunningly beautiful woman: she was as tall as an iroko tree, her teeth were glittering like the cloud of the sky, her skin tone as bright as the sun. In fact, I was wondering whether she was a homo sapaien from planet Earth. All I can say is that her beauty could pluck out the sun and cause heavens to cry.

That day I went home so flabbergasted and dismayed – I couldn’t believe my eyes! I called a friend back in Nigeria and I said, “Omoo come see chicksooo”, but he just told me off saying, “Forget that thing”. I was so surprised.

It was two months before my admission at the National University of Rwanda (NUR), so I decided to be patient until I got to the university because I trusted my power of wooing women. My magic wand had never disappointed me – not until I got to NUR. I found out that how magnificent Rwandan girls looked was not actually how superb their mentality was. I have been to some other parts of the world like USA, England and South Africa, but the mentality of the girls in those countries is so different from the mentality of Rwandan girls.

From my own part of the continent, asking a woman for her phone number is just what I describe as politeness. But in this part of the continent, it is not easy to get a woman’s phone number. Psychologically, it’s not that Rwandan men are “weak”; they simply understand their women quite well. First of all, it seems like all of them have boyfriends because that is the psychopathetic word they use to tell you off.

Generally, women are like an apple tree – some are at the base of the apple tree, some in the middle and others at the apex. For those at the base of the apple tree, any man can just stand and pluck them while: for those in the middle, it requires a man to climb the tree with the help of a ladder to pluck them; while for those at the apex, it requires a courageous and determined man to climb up the apple tree all the way to the apex to pluck them. Now you know where the Rwandan girls belong!

For a girl to play hard-to-get is natural and of great pride and value to women, and it is very normal.

For most girls around the world, playing hard-to-get lasts a period of 30-50 days. But Rwandan girls play the game abnormally. In Rwanda, you can “chase” a girl for up to 2 university semesters! And the sad news is that you are most likely to get your first kiss after more 3 months! And getting laid? Many, many more months!


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