The brain drain conundrum

Editor, Reference is made to Junior Sabena Mutabazi's article, "Africa's brain drain conundrum" (The New Times, July 24).


Reference is made to Junior Sabena Mutabazi’s article, “Africa’s brain drain conundrum” (The New Times, July 24).


This is scary stuff, especially when you know that Africa will be contributing much of global workforce in a few decades. But when you look on the other side of the coin and self-critic on the quality of education we have in Africa, I wonder if we will be able to focus on quality more than quantity.


It seems to me that the focus has been on how many graduates rather than what these graduates are capable of. People move, there are internal movements of human capital from the countryside to cities and so forth. If drain brain move is equally within the region, maybe it might be a good thing.
This topic has a lot of moving pieces…good stuff.


Louis Gakumba, United States

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