I hate people who…

…decide to select ringtones while in public.  The other day, I was sitting in a certain room when someone who I thought was an adult decided to sample the ringtones on her phone.

…decide to select ringtones while in public.

The other day, I was sitting in a certain room when someone who I thought was an adult decided to sample the ringtones on her phone. The noise disturbance that was coming from her Blackberry almost made me forgive those with fake “China Phones” who often torture us with their sirens that they assume are ringtones. I have no option but to hate such an idler who must have confused her phone for a musical instrument as she continuously sampled different annoying ringtones while disturbing the peace in the room. Such people should not be allowed to own phones, maybe, a whistle would do. 

…think that the expo is one big bar.

I took time to visit the expo and on top of what was on display, I noticed that others were just displaying their stupidity. I wonder where some jokers with rural excitement got the idea that the trade expo is all about drinking as much alcohol as possible. These people need to be restricted to attend village weddings and funerals instead of disturbing other peaceful and understanding Rwandans. Do they even know that they are such bad publicity for companies like Bralirwa? These fools deserve a life ban from the expo since hating them is not enough.

…think customer care is all about promising to call back.

 I swear sometimes I wish I could get a job as a customer care fellow, just to understand why some of them have to be so annoying. I need to find out whether it is a career goal for them or just a hobby. Maybe they are trying to perfect it and hope it becomes an Olympic sport someday so they can be assured of medals. Can someone tell me why a customer care person should continuously deceive a client that he/she will be called back soon only to repeat the same lie with each call? Do these people think we love being on the phone always?

…walk around swinging car keys for cheap attention.

I totally agree that it is easy to bring someone from the village but almost impossible to get the village out of the same person. I just don’t understand why someone can still think it is cool to walk around swinging car keys as if to compel those of us who do not own cars (yes I have no car, I am saving to buy a train, actually) to envy them. Look here city wannabe; it is good that you have a car to drive around but walking around flashing your keys is just plain stupidity. I think, next you will be flashing the keys to your toilet back at home. At the very least, you just look like a cab driver trying to attract potential customers.

…raise our hopes and then make our lives miserable.

As an East African, I am really looking for a particular person to hate for the pain that I have to endure thanks to our poor performance at the Olympic Games. It is really painful reading each day how Americans, Chinese, Britons and Jamaicans are winning medals. Even the Kenyans seem to have forgotten how this is done.

It is as if these guys are trying to see how much pain we can endure. Have they forgotten that football is also not our game and we hoped that at the Olympics they would give us something to smile about? Who can I hate for this pain?

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