Should school going children be allowed to keep their hair treated and long?

Absolutely no! First and foremost, I want to thank God that treated hair has been banned in schools. Finally, students can concentrate on why they are at school.
Ivan R. Mugisha
Ivan R. Mugisha

Absolutely no!

First and foremost, I want to thank God that treated hair has been banned in schools. Finally, students can concentrate on why they are at school.

Apparently, the Ministry of Education passed the decree after realising that girls spent a lot of time treating their hair.

Therefore, starting with next term, girls shall have well kempt untreated and natural hair at school, thus avoid the distractions that come with looking like adult females yet still young.

The only thing that has been distinguishing these girls from working class women is a simple school uniform, nothing else!

The moment they changed from their uniforms and wore casual attire, these teenagers had the potential to look older than they really are and thus attract attention from ogling older men.

There is no debate that long and treated hair is a serious competitor to a girl’s education. Maintaining such hair takes too much time—time that would have otherwise been used to revise and do research in the school library.

High school is the one place that teaches the value of time. Any single minute lost sleeping or doing less important things means that a student is cheating him or herself.

If they are not careful, a host of candidates who spend their time revising will bypass them. At high school, it is all about positions in a class, like a race of sorts. If at the end of the term you perform best in your class, it’s a position you want to keep at all costs. However, you cannot maintain it if you don’t double your effort because the top five students are most definitely eying the number one position.

If you end the term in 30th position out of 50 students, or even the last, you sure know that something went wrong and that you too must double or triple your efforts.

It is a hustle; I remember it so well! High school for me was the most challenging time in my entire life; it taught me that everything is about hard work and competition.

Every time I went to sleep, I would dream about other students revising in the wee hours of the night. I always remembered the five students who finished ahead of me, as well the one who always followed behind me. And every time I found them revising while I wasn’t, it would completely freak me out.

Besides being time wasting, treated hair is not that cheap to maintain. Treated hair needs investment and if unattended to in a long time, will look the complete opposite of beauty.

Therefore, instead of buying necessities like sugar, breakfast, or textbooks, some girls will spend their little pocket money on hair oils and saloons.

 If they don’t have enough money, they will burg their friends for debts, thus be ushered into a web of debt at early stage in their lives.

Girls from poor families will not want to be left behind and will go to regrettable lengths to get money for hair treatment.

They will solicit for money from boyfriends or sugar daddies, people who are of course addicted to throwing money around in the manner of ‘something for something’.

My advice to high school students is to focus on the real prize at school; all these other flashy things will come at their right time—especially treated hair.

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