Decorating in red and browns

CHOOSING colours for a new home can be very tricky and equally interesting. Home décor has moved from being a past time activity to a more serious issue.

CHOOSING colours for a new home can be very tricky and equally interesting.

Home décor has moved from being a past time activity to a more serious issue.

Some years ago, it was said that housewives married to rich men used most of their time decorating their homes as well as hosting tea parties and luncheons, so as to show off their beautiful homes.

Career women used to be termed as dull, because most of them furnished their homes with just the basic furniture and that was it.

With today’s woman being versatile, they enjoy working at the same timedecorating their homes to suit their needs and taste, only this time is better with a touch of technology. 

One of my nieces is getting married in two months’ time so she gave me a call to help her with décor ideas for new home. I was only excited to do so, because this is one of my favorite hobbies.

Having the experience of interior décor, she asked me so many questions which I gladly answered, until when we got to choose the color theme of her home. While she loves brown tones, her would- be -husband loves deep red and orange. So it was very tricky for us to choose what exactly would suit them both without one feeling left out.

As we were choosing the colour of the fabrics to be used in curtains, I suggested that we could try mixing red and brown, so that each of them can have a sense of belonging in their new home. We bought some red and brown fabrics and went off to see our tailor.

The designs that the tailor came up with were amazing! I could never have imagined that red and brown would blend so well.But then the work had just started.

After having chosen red and brown as the main colours of the home curtains; we went to furniture picking. We picked wood tones that coordinated with the brown and red tones of the curtains. Brown seats were chosen and to brighten up the colours, we picked red, orange and beige throw pillows so at to brighten up the seats.

It was tricky when it came to choosing the wall colours. All the same we continued with the game of chase to see where it will take us. For the living room, we decided that we tone down the reds and the browns and painted the room beige to give it a contrast to the curtain and the furniture.This gives the room balance if you focus on the lighter color of the walls, and gives it a stroke of energy and comfort with the touches of brown and red.

Since the seats are brown, we bought a deep red carpet and a smaller animal print rug to complement it.

Beautiful flower vases of black, red, white and silver completed the look in the living.

In the master bedroom, we chose warm, rustic-look to calm down the stimulating brightness of the red color. To accentuate the coziness in the room and give it that intimate look- we wentwith a muted brown shade.

This shows that, we don’t have to stick to colours that have been used before. A little adventure can give your home a unique fresh breath – which you need.


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