Stars to rock at the Primus 50th anniversary

Today, August 22, is going to be memorable to Bralirwa and to its fans, as Rwanda’s breweries and soft drink manufacturers will be celebrating its 50th Primus anniversary, at Amahoro Stadium in Remera.

Today, August 22, is going to be memorable to Bralirwa and to its fans, as Rwanda’s breweries and soft drink manufacturers will be celebrating its 50th Primus anniversary, at Amahoro Stadium in Remera.

Prominent local and foreign musicians are set to perform during the special event. From 3:00p.m, all roads will lead to Amahoro Stadium for the blazing concert.
Get to know the artists set to entertain at the event:


Cecile Kayirebwa, born in Rwanda, in 1946, has paid close attention to the traditional music of her heritage from an early age.

Only 15 and still just a schoolgirl, she became one of the founding members of the Rwanda Song and Dance Circle.

Later on, in her official capacity as a welfare officer, she began to be exposed to people in the many different regions of Rwanda.

This experience, coupled with her formative years, led to her lifelong interest in her traditional Rwandan culture.

In 1983 Kayirebwa traveled to Terveuren, Belgium where she studied traditional music at the Royal Museum of Central Africa.

One year later she joined the Belgium-based African band, Bula Sangoma, with whom she continues to record with today. (Net)


His name is not rare, at a least not in Rwanda’s music industry. Rafiki Mazimpaka, a.k.a Coga Style is also famous for his track “Igikobwa”.

The 25-year-old has gained popularity both at home and in the region. Rafiki who joined Rwanda’s music industry in 1998, has released more than 12 tracks and one album.

Rafiki has performed in several concerts, both local and in international music festivals, including the Afro-Caribbean Festival, in the Caribbean.

The “Igikosi” singer has also staged shows with different international musicians, including P-Square, Brick and Lace, Sean Paul and Shaggy.

The twice Pearl of African Music awards winner is on the top of the national music charts, and has collaborated with top East African musicians, like Jose Chameleon, Professor Joy, and Kenya’s Nameless.


BLU 3 is Uganda’s hottest girl group and is made up of Lillian Mbabazi (Rwandan musician, based in Uganda), Mya Baganda and Jackie Chandiru, both Ugandans.

Blu3 has had a very long and famous history. The group burst into the music scene after winning the Coca Cola Pop stars contest in Uganda.

A few years into performing together, the group had a sudden split where they lost one member- Cinderella Sanyu.

But that was not the end of Blu 3. The group recruited and trained Mya Baganda and is now again on top of the charts with their amazing voices and talent.

All the group members are professional songwriters and work together on many of the songs of their albums.

The group can be best compared with the Destiny’s Child. Lillian would be Beyonce, Jackie would be Kelly and Mya would be Michelle.

The group has staged several concerts in Rwanda.


Jean-Bedel Mpiana Tshituka, also known as J.B Mpiana, is a Congolese (DRC) composer-songwriter. He was born on June 2nd 1967 in Luluabourg (Kananga)

J. B Mpiana has played in “Parisian Music Temples” like the Music Hall of Olympia, the Zenith of Paris, the General sports Palace of Paris, Trabendo, the Elysium Montmartre, the Medley of Montreal, and Rex Stanfors in Great Britain.

42-year-old, J. B Mpiana also has performed in Boston, New York, and Washington, D.C. on November 7, 8, and 14, 2008, in the concerts to celebrate Senator Barack Obama’s victory.

The former Wenge Musica (B.C.B.G) songster will be performing in the country for the first time as a solo musician, after the band had performed in the country before the 1994 Rwanda Genocide. (Net)


Peter & Paul Okoye popularly known as P-Square are a set of twins originating from Nigeria. Both guys sing and dance tremendously well.

They put together and perform sensational urban/Rnb songs, Hip Hop jams, dancehall and soul with African touch.

The twins are graduates of Mass Communication and Business Administration, respectively at the University of Abuja - Nigeria.

P-Square’s music is Afrocentric and it combines western and African rhythms to create a marvelous blend of R&B, Hip Hop and Dancehall songs.

Their songs surprisingly appeal to both young and the group is very successful in Nigeria and relatively popular in other parts of Africa especially in the Western and Southern parts of Africa.
The album “Get Squared” is the rave in Nigeria and other parts of Africa, with over two million copies sold and at least three million viewers on MTV Base constantly requesting the track “Get Squared”, thereby enabling it to hit number one on many chat listings.

Their tracks “Do Me” and “Bizzy Body” are currently hits in all parts of Africa.

P-Square has delivered smashing live performances alongside artistes like Usher, Wayne Wonder, Sean Paul, and Wyclef Jean.

They were nominated the Most Promising Group in Africa at the KORA Awards 2003. (Net)


Patrick Bibarwa Kitoko, a.k.a Kitoko is a popular recording artist in Rwanda, whose latest song went straight to the top of the charts and earned him an award nomination.

But as fate dictated, the track was banned because its title: “Ikiragi” is a derogatory term for a Deaf person and the lyrics: “Umukobwa ni bubu, yakundanye n’ikiragi.”

The argument around Deaf terminology is a long-standing one and recently involved campaigns to stop people using the term “ikitumva”, meaning a ‘thing’ that cannot hear in favour of abatumva: a ‘person’ who cannot hear.

However, Kitoko has gained prominence in Rwanda’s music industry. In fact, his fans recognize him as Rwanda’s true Afro-beat star.

His tracks: “Igendere” and “Manyobwa” are currently hitting allover in the country, and often played on parties, nightclubs, and in many other happening places.


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