Let’s Talk Business: why you should invest in IT for your Business

1. Innovation : Software systems make it easy, cost effective and quick to design, proto type and innovate core “products” of any company which is the main source of income.

1. Innovation :
Software systems make it easy, cost effective and quick to design, proto type and innovate core “products” of any company which is the main source of income.

For example, An architect firm invests in systems which will help them design blue prints and come out with innovative designs and test it through software systems.

2. Administration :

Regulatory needs , company governance, financial information, etc can all easily be managed by an automated system saving on HR and time resources.
3. Operations :

Automate business processes to capture vital data and enable workflow. Digitized data captured in transactions are the source of information of about your business, which could be turned into knowledge and knowledge would result in new opportunities.  
4. Relationship :

Give the power back to customers, vendors and employees to fulfill their needs through self-service. Also track, maintain and improve the business relationship.  
5. Productivity :

Better Resource Management/ Improve productivity /Reduce time to complete a task/Schedule Management. Getting things done quickly and efficiently with less error is the main motto of implementing any system.

6. Management :

Understand your business at ground from the top.  The further you are up from the ground level of your business, the more you need to rely on systems to understand the status and ground reality of the business. Track, control and respond to your business instantly

Having an eye on the dashboard and control is the only way you will have safe ride. Otherwise it is like blindfolded and feel like driving. There is very less success rate, if not none with that approach. Empowering everyone with necessary data, information and knowledge and making the decisions happen at all level at lightening fast is the key to any agile business.

7. Intelligence  :
Harness the power of huge digital information captured in every walk of life in the business and get different perspectives and understand business opportunities and issues and better at it.

8. Communication :

Build  easy and effective communication channel  
No two people hear the same thing the same way and get exactly the same sense and purpose. Constant, clear, concise communications is vital in having everyone on the same page and run the business like a well oiled and coordinated machine and execute tasks precisely.  Also digitized communication content could be turned into knowledge and could be used to keep track of commitments.

9. Agility  :

Make quick and well thought out “educated” decisions to respond to changing business needs.Ability to respond to every changing business needs in the complex world is the ultimate weapon to stay successful. Thos who can adopt new competitive landscape and respond will perish. Effective Change Management systems are vital for business agility.

10. Commerce :
Trading and doing business in the global marker beyond boundaries pushes eCommerce higher on the IT investment side for many companies.

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