Relationships: Courage and hard work are virtues of a noble woman

Angella was born in extreme poverty and worse, drunken parents. Her father worked as a carpenter while her mother was a housewife.

Angella was born in extreme poverty and worse, drunkenparents. Her father worked as a carpenter while her mother was a housewife.

She woke up every day before the crack of dawn to fetch water miles away, then scamper back to do other house chores like washing dishes and preparing breakfast for her siblings before leaving for school. She always showed-up in class two hours late.

To her, punishments for late coming had become a routine. Most times she got to class confused and disorganized; not sure where to begin. She spent most of her time isolated, worrying about her plight and future instead of concentrating on books and this was responsible for her poor performance. Angella, unlike other students always skipped lunch because she didn’t have the money. She hated school.

She eventually dropped out of school in grade five because she couldn’t afford tuition anymore. Her father spent the little money he earned from carpentry on women and alcohol. Angella was convinced that by cutting her own education short, her siblings would have the chance to reach her level with the little money spared. 

She got a job at a local retail shop as an attendant, earning peanuts. But it put food on the table, clothed her and even made a slight contribution to her sibling’s school dues.

A year after dropping out of school, disaster struck and her father was diagnosed with leukemia. He succumbed to it six months later, leaving behind eight children and a helpless alcoholic wife.

The burden was thrust on Angella’s shoulders; she had to work extremely hard to fend for her mother, siblings and herself. This meant getting a better paying job, and lucky for her, she did almost immediately though it was still not enough to cater for all their needs. But somehow she managed; she worked over- time and got bonus payments. Through this, she managed to keep her siblings in school at least.

The higher her siblings’ education levels reached, the more expensive it became in terms of tuition fees. Some of them had to drop out of school because Angella couldn’t keep up with the expense.

Disaster struck again when her mother developed a liver ailment and died after a lot of money had been spent on treatment. Angella was devastated.

Everybody expected the family to completely fall apart but surprisingly it didn’t. She topped –up her current job with a part-time one and worked even harder. She built a bigger house and took all her siblings back to school. They underwent a miraculous upgrade.

She is now married to a handsome and equally hardworking husband. They are blessed with two beautiful children. Angella fits the description of a noble woman.


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