The story so far; the chiefs’ men of war are about to begin searching for Kamikaze in the entire village.

The story so far; the chiefs’ men of war are about to begin searching for Kamikaze in the entire village.

He then made each one of them drink from his cup of oath, not to betray his trust in them, and all the ninety six men did, bowing before the chief before each of them stepped aside in the direction they would follow to create space for others.

One by one they stepped out of the line and stood in the directions they were going to follow. The Chief then asked the priest to step forward and ask the gods to protect his men and grant them success.

Honolulu, the chief priest then stepped forward and asked the gods of their land to protect and grant the chief’s men all blessings and success and also to grant their chief his wish of finding his lost wife and daughter. 

He then asked the chief Waikobe to pronounce in the assembly of all witnesses that he would offer to the gods a fattened calf if his wife Kamikaze and daughter Gawoza returned.

And before letting him announce it, he asked him to be careful and make sure it was from his heart so as not to anger the gods of his fore fathers.

After a brief silence, Wambutu rose up from where he knelt and made a proclamation saying, “May the gods of our fore fathers be pleased with me and let my family return to me.

And before this congregation of men, I announce that to the gods will I offer a fattened calf when my family returns, and may you men of Gajagaja bare witness to this and let the gods punish me if I do not. May I lose my throne to our enemies if I make false proclamation to the gods of our fore fathers.”

To this the chief priest anointed Waikobe as well as all the other warriors and then sent them in peace to serve their chief and to keep their promise lest the gods punished them to for misleading their chief.

The men immediately bowed before the chief priest and Waikobe and quickly left the assembly grounds to the roaring sound of the drums.

Then Waikobe asked all the villagers not to return to their homes so as not to disturb his men. He told them that his dancers would entertain them and his cocks would serve each of them with food and wine, and they would leave only at sunset when his men returned.

The search for Kamikaze is on. What will they do if they don’t find her?

To be continued next week.