RGPYD initiative transforms Rwandan youth into good tomorrow leaders

Since RGPYD- Rwanda Good Governance Promotion and Youth Development Organization- was created, different Rwandans youth, at secondary schools, universities and local sectors got the golden opportunity of being trained to become good future leaders of the country.

By Remy Niyingize

Since RGPYD- Rwanda Good Governance Promotion and Youth Development Organization- was created, different Rwandans youth, at secondary schools, universities and local sectors got the golden opportunity of being trained to become good future leaders of the country.


In the establishment of the organization, Claudius Karahamuheto, the Director General of RGPYD, explains that its tendency was to cultivate the spirit of the leadership in Rwandan youth.


“As the youth are the tomorrow country, hence, RGPYD trains them to track the initiatives of participating in good governance processes as well as their role in inspiring other young people,” Karahamuheto explains.


After the creation of the RGPYD, the non-governmental organization had the main target of promoting good governance and civic education, strengthening citizen participation, supporting open debates and freedom of expression.

However, the network of Student was the bridge which was used so as to achieve the organization’s goals.  By here, RGPYD created Good Governance Clubs at different secondary schools, universities and Sector levels.

Come Niyibigira, RGPYD Program Director says that one of the strategy used to carry out training students was to find them at schools.

“ We had to find students at schools and meet governance related clubs such as anti-genocide clubs, anti-corruption clubs, anti-drugs clubs, anti-AIDS clubs, environment clubs, among others,” Niyibigira explains.


On May 1, 2012, RGPYD- Rwanda Good Governance Promotion and Youth Development Organization is a local non-governmental organization (NGO) which was created by Rwandan youth who were students at Kigali Independent University - (ULK).

The founder members of RGPYD were student leaders in different higher Learning institutions and universities and different youth forums operating in Rwanda.

Currently, the organization has 3625 members all over the country in 40 good governance clubs at universities, 26 at secondary schools and 2 at sector levels.

Besides, RGPYD has implemented various programs and projects such as  governance clubs program, citizen voice into action, and youth for civic education and mobilizing youth for accountable governance.


Through various strategies that RGPYD uses, after its creation, it created programs which came up with good results in relation to preparing Rwandan youth into becoming good leaders.

So far, Governance Clubs Program is one the best achievement. This new program was implemented in in all higher learning institutions universities of the Country.

On the other hand, Citizen Voice Into Action/Community Scorecard was the new established participatory process designed to engage village communities in Gicumbi District especially in Sectors of Nyankenke and Rutare.

The scorecard engages both ‘service users’ (citizens) and ‘service providers’ in a discussion of the issues that affect service delivery. It then brings them together (Interface meeting) to share their perspectives to improve services.

Among other achievements of RGPYD includes activities done such as the advocacy of  building of ‘Gacaca health care post’ in Gacaca Village, Nyankenke Sector, Gicumbi District.

The health care centre was build in resolution of high distances made by citizens, especially people with disabilities and its health services have helped the government reduce maternal and child mortality rates.

Youth for Civic Education is the other program  created by RGPYD to sensitize people about their citizenship, participation and building  good citizenship and leadership, initiating the culture of debate  in Rwandan youth and promoting freedom of expression through democracy.

Some of other carried out activities include Dialogue on Rebuilding the National Identity, training for Good Governance Clubs on Leadership and conflict management , workshops on political history with leaders of Rwandan youth, working with other NGOs, civic education seminar on elections and conference on democratic governance in Great Lakes Region .


Though RGPYD faces various challenges including small offices and inadequate capital to reach to the whole country as the organization wishes, these didn’t stop the organization to set different goals.

RGPYD tends to empower Rwandan Youth to participate in local governance processes by expanding its actions in all country’s provinces.Again, it tends to focus on keeping up preparing female leaders to put more emphasis gender equality policy.

After RGPYD to organize essay writing events and award givers laptops and routers to contestants , the organisation still prepares more events to sensibilize the good governance.

Claudius Karahamuheto, the Director General adds that the awarding events enhance the culture of research and continuing capacity building of its members.

While looking forward to celebrating the Liberation Day, in its daily operation, RGPYD thanks President Paul Kagame and RDF-Rwanda Defence Force, from the help they always give the organization to prepare the future of the Rwandan youth.

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