Cause of Humanity Drives Rwanda Peacekeeping Interventions

The scorching sun of the desert could pound their young innocent bodies with strong persistent radiance of heat. The hot sand, with fast conduction through to the ground-spread canvas could hardly allow any good amount of concentration.

The scorching sun of the desert could pound their young innocent bodies with strong persistent radiance of heat. The hot sand, with fast conduction through to the ground-spread canvas could hardly allow any good amount of concentration.

Some, studying from below the shade of a tree would be an envy of the rest of the school.


The only school buildings to talk of were straw-walled and thatched.




Yet these young souls and bodies, come here five days a week to drink from this spring of knowledge, what they have come to call a school, hopeful to one day use the acquired knowledge to build their country and turn things around.

The place is Darfur in Sudan, where the war had ravaged entire livelihoods until the African Union (AU) through African Union Mission in Sudan (AMIS), working with forces that include Rwanda Defense Force (RDF) and Rwanda National Police (RNP) intervened to keep peace, to build hope.

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