Milestones and opportunities Rwanda Energy Policy strategic targets

For a sustainable economic growth, energy Sector has to be reinforced as a pillar of development.

For a sustainable economic growth, energy Sector has to be reinforced as a pillar of development. Electricity access in Rwanda is growing rapidly, grid connections through the government’s Electricity Access Roll-out Programme (EARP) and related initiatives have increased from about 160,000 households in 2012 to 570,000 households (24% of the total) by February 2016. On average, 75,000 new households have been added to the grid each year for the past five years, and the trend is set to continue.

The overall target is to increase power generation capacity to 563MW by 2018 from the current 186MW. This will boost electricity access to 70% of the population and 100% of public institutions electricity from the current 24% electrified households.

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