The Sugar: Make it Work Project

On August 29th, 2013, a Dutch-Rwandan Public Private Partnership was officially established between the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kabuye Sugar Works, TechForce Innovations, Karisimbi Business Partners, Royal HaskoningDHV, Milan Innovincy, WUR Environmental Sciences Group and WUR Centre for Development Innovation to develop a more competitive, sustainable, and inclusive sugar value chain in Rwanda.

On August 29th, 2013, a Dutch-Rwandan Public Private Partnership was officially established between the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kabuye Sugar Works, TechForce Innovations, Karisimbi Business Partners, Royal HaskoningDHV, Milan Innovincy, WUR Environmental Sciences Group and WUR Centre for Development Innovation to develop a more competitive, sustainable, and inclusive sugar value chain in Rwanda.

The five year, €8 Million project, officially known as “Sugar: Make it Work”, or “Isukari: Imvugo Tuyigire Ingiro” (IITI), is now in its third year of implementation. 


In this article, we look back on what has been accomplished, the various stakeholders involved, and the key milestones remaining to be achieved.

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