Horizon Group: Cactus Green Park, a green and sustainable Resilient Neighbourhood pioneering sustainable solutions for Green Cities in Rwanda

Horizon Group Ltd, in partnership with FONERWA (the Rwandan Government’s flagship climate change fund) has completed designs for a new Green and Sustainable Neighbourhood in Kinyinya, Gasabo District.

“The environment is our life-blood; indeed the real surprise is not that ministries of finance are now talking to ministries of environment – but that it has actually taken this long. Even when we look beyond agriculture, tourism, mineral wealth and fisheries, our economies depend critically on good environmental stewardship.” His Excellency Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda

Horizon Group Ltd, in partnership with FONERWA (the Rwandan Government’s flagship climate change fund) has completed designs for a new Green and Sustainable Neighbourhood in Kinyinya, Gasabo District.


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