Rwanda microfinance week 2015, a call to professionalize the microfinance sector in Rwanda

The major tool for development of the microfinance sector in Rwanda is capacity building and financial education, says Nzagahimana Jean Marie Vianney, chairman of the Association of Microfinance Institutions of Rwanda, (AMIR).

The major tool for development of the microfinance sector in Rwanda is capacity building and financial education, says Nzagahimana Jean Marie Vianney, chairman of the Association of Microfinance Institutions of Rwanda, (AMIR).

The association was created in June 2007 with only 32 microfinance institutions.


After seven years, AMIR has been excelling, transforming into an institution with a vision of becoming a strong organization that contributes to development of the micro finance industry through promotion of transparent management systems, innovative and market led financial services and products.


In a recent general assembly of May 7th 2015, AMIR admitted 134 new Imirenge SACCO Members and this has brought the total number of AMIR Members to 243 members. “We call everyone to join the association so that we have a one voice to be served under one roof-AMIR” says Peter RWEMA, AMIR’s Executive Secretary.

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