American Refugee Committee: Celebrating 20 years of service in Rwanda

American Refugee Committee (ARC) is a movement of people who works together with the displaced and their hosting communities to help them take back control of their lives, rebuilding self-reliant communities around the world.

American Refugee Committee (ARC) is a movement of people who works together with the displaced and their hosting communities to help them take back control of their lives, rebuilding self-reliant communities around the world. ARC established programs in Rwanda in 1994 to facilitate reconstruction and repatriation of Rwandan returnees, following the genocide against the Tutsi.

In 1997, ARC took part in the effort to provide assistance to the Congolese refugees who took refuge in our country. Today, we work with the Government of Rwanda, the United Nations and the US Government providing health services, water and sanitation, key infrastructures, environment management and supporting the livelihood and economic recovery, to improve the well-being of more than 70,000 refugees and their host communities in the country.

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