Rwanda National Police 10th Anniversary Celebrations (2000 - 2010)

“Celebrating 10 years of dynamic policing, serving the community with integrity" BY EDWIN MUSONI April 19, 2010 marks the beginning of the celebrations of the tenth anniversary of the Rwanda National Police.

“Celebrating 10 years of dynamic policing, serving the community with integrity"


April 19, 2010 marks the beginning of the celebrations of the tenth anniversary of the Rwanda National Police.

As a body charged with safeguarding the rule of law and provision of a safe, crime free environment for all, the force has organised various activities countrywide to mark its 10th birthday.

Under the theme, “Celebrating 10 years of dynamic policing, serving the community with integrity,” the event is not only celebrating ten years of existence of the young force but also to showcase achievements registered so far regarding professionalism in implementing the rule of law.

These celebrations are set to last two months and final activities will be held on 16th June 2010 at the Remera Amahoro Stadium.

In relation to the countrywide activities, emphasis will be put on public responsiveness to community policing, maintenance of order, road safety, police training, community work, and medical activities among others.

Over the past ten years, the national police have shown significant progress in managing major challenges such as road accidents through boosting efforts that make roads safer.

In a related development, several police officers have undergone professional training in different fields – a measure that has enabled the force to significantly contribute to peace keeping efforts elsewhere in the world.

The high level 10th anniversary celebrations will also bring on board all partners and stakeholders of the force.

Some of the key achievements include the set up of vibrant police departments and unities including the Anti terrorism unit, Controle Technique, Crowd Control Management, management of firearms, Fire and Rescue Unit, Canine Unit, Interpol, and the Navy Police(the marine) among others.

Indeed, Rwanda National Police was created on the June 16, 2000 by the law number 09/2000 relating to the establishment, general organization and jurisdiction of the National Police.
Practically, the legal creation of force was effected by fusing the former Gendarmerie Nationale , Police communale and Judicial Police.
Some important dates to remember for these celebrations:

  • 19th April 2010: official launch
  • 19th April- 06th June: D-day preparations
  • 14th June- 15th June: National  Conference on society policing
  • 16th June: D- day celebrations

From the 19th April, every week will be celebrated in a special way through activities highlighting duties performed by a Directorate or Special Unit on a daily basis.     

Worth mentioning is that the activities are not scheduled to take place in the capital only, but all over the country similar events will be carried out simultaneously.

The road safety campaign due from 19th to 26th April will be marked mainly by a massive deployment all around the country, issuing of car stickers with special messages to road users plus messages for the public on billboards and banners.

Community policing week due from 27th April to 03rd May shall be marked mainly by display of posters and banners, sensitization seminars, talk shows and crime prevention discussions which will focus particularly on combating drug abuse and trafficking, and corruption.    
Environment protection week due from 04th to 10th May will be marked mainly by risk reduction activities, exercises on simulation of identification of impending hazards and above all, Umuganda work with tree planting ,terracing and other activities on environment protection in all Districts.       
Child, Domestic and Gender based Violence week scheduled from 11th to 16th May which will be marked by active awareness campaigns through talk shows, radio and TV messages and advertisements.     
Schools and sports competitions will mark the second half of May. These will be done through essay writing, poems, songs and various matches.

From 30th May to 06th June, Police Medical Services will conduct out reach programs including HIV/AIDS and Malaria prevention, promotion of blood donation and maternal and family health.

All these activities will be cupped by an exposition by RWANDA POLICE to begin with the month of June.

As a country which has gone through one of the bloodiest genocides of the twentieth century, RWANDA has undergone a difficult period of post traumatic nightmare where thousands of survivors were in need of social and psychological assistance.

It is with this situation in mind that Rwanda National Police will organize a NATIONAL CONFERENCE on 14th and 15th June on policing a post-genocide society.

This conference will precede the final day celebrations which shall mark the ten years of dynamic policing in collaboration with the population in ensuring a safe life for all in Rwanda. 


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