Rwandans in South Korea commemorate Genocide

The flame of remembrance

The Rwandan embassy in the Republic of Korea hosted commemorative events in Seoul in honour of the memories of over one million people killed during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

The event brought together over 200 people,  including members of the Rwandan community in Korea, diplomats representing different countries to Korea, government officials from the Asian nation among others.

James Rwigema, the Chairperson of the Rwandan Community in South Korea, observed that some individuals, mostly perpetrators of the Genocide running away from justice, with help from some organisations, continue to sell  a narrative that ‘baptizes’ all sorts of names to the events in Rwanda 24 years ago other than calling it what it is; the Genocide against the Tutsi.

He challenged the diplomats present at the event to play their role to ensure their countries do not fall in this trap but instead ensure Genocide fugitives are brought to book.

Rwigema’s remarks were echoed by Emma-Francoise Isumbingabo, Rwanda’s Ambassador to Korea.

“We have a responsibility to teach our young generations, what really happened. They must learn why and how the Genocide happened, how badly it affected the country and why it should never happen again, not in Rwanda or everywhere in the world,” Isumbingabo said.

Jin-Wook Hong, the Director General of African and Middle Eastern Affairs Bureau at the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also commended, “Rwandan spirit”, which enabled the country to rise from ashes, reconciled and embarked on development.

“Behind the Rwandan integration and reconciliation was the spirit of Kwibuka, (remembrance). Not to forget, but to remember. I firmly believe that Rwanda, as a nation which always remembers its past, has a bright future. In fact, people of Rwanda have already begun to prove it,” Hong said.


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