Good Friday: Christians reflect on Jesus’ suffering, love

A congregation during Good Friday mass in commemoration of the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ at Regina Pacis Catholic parish in Remera, yesterday. The day is observed during Holy Week preceding Easter Sunday, which marks the resurrection of Jesus. Across Rwanda, as elsewhere in the world, Christians, especially the Catholics, headed to their respective places of worship to observe the day. Sam Ngendahimana.
Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. It is a day when Christians world over commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, after he was crucified and died on the cross at Calvary.
Jesus’ death on the cross secured the salvation of millions and provided the only way God could forgive sin without compromising His holiness and perfect righteousness, according to the scriptures. 
And, yesterday, Christians in Kigali, like everywhere else in the world, flocked to churches to observe Good Friday, the day on which Jesus was killed, which many observed with humility and reverence with solemn hymns, prayers of thanksgiving.
At Saint Michel Cathedral, in Kigali, the church was packed to full capacity and the liturgy focused on the different tribulations Jesus went through before his death. Here, the congregation was urged to always reflect on this and pray hard to live the life Jesus led.
“It is a day with mixed reaction, mixed because we are remembering the day when Jesus was killed without having committed any crime, it is however also a day of joy because Jesus never died for good but rather resurrected and is now our saviour,” said Clémence Uwineza, who attended mass at Saint Michel.
The mother of four said that, for close to forty days during lent, she had managed to reflect on the endurance Jesus passed through and recommitted to do better in her own way throughout her life.
Good Friday marks the end of Lent.
“I prayed a lot and fasted during Lent, though it is not easy, I also took some days to support the needy and today, as we remember the suffering Jesus Christ went through for us to be who we are today. I recommit to always follow His way and believe that whenever I commit sin, it is a betrayal of the Christ,” she added.
The main celebrant of the mass, that is dubbed Way of Cross, was Father Casmir Uwumukiza of Saint Michel, who prayed for the Pope to be a good leader of the entire Church, prayed for Christians and for the entire world to reflect on the love, passion and humility of Jesus.
He urged Christians to always pray and shun evil in whichever form it manifests to ensure Jesus did not die in vain.
“Let us remember the blood of Jesus and the way he suffered on our behalf, let us remember that he was betrayed by Judas, his apostle, and ensure that we steer away from all the evil ways and commit to suffer whenever need be without any fear,” he told the congregation.
Another Christian, Valens Nduwayo, from Zion Temple Celebration Centre in Kicukiro, said he believed in Easter and Good Friday adding that it is a crucial period to him.
“It is a time to reflect on the love, humility, passion and mercy of Jesus, as we remember the death of Jesus, I get ample time to get closer to Him through reaching out to the needy. It is time to remember to be passionate and affectionate,” he said.
Easter, also called Pascha (Greek, Latin) or Resurrection Sunday, is a festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, described in the New Testament as having occurred on the third day of his burial after his death at the hands of the Romans at Calvary.

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