Editorial: There are better things to write home about

Sometimes Kinyarwanda idioms and sayings of the wise are very handy when it comes to ‘uncomplicate” complicated situations. There is one particular one that can be translated that “one of the arguing people is the source of the problem”.

This week the government gave a travel advisory for people wishing to travel to Uganda after several incidents of arbitrary arrests and incarcerations of Rwandan citizens. We have travelled down that avenue before and situation diffused, so there is nothing new.

But when one sees what would otherwise be respected media personalities or organs fan the fire by spreading rumours, something is greatly amiss, and quite honestly, worrying and disappointing.

Lying through the teeth is expected from any government spin doctor and the other side did not disappoint. But the media should not be trapped in a web of political moonshiners. There is more important and motivating news out there instead of throwing the spanner into the works,

Oh yes, the satellite Icyerekezo is in orbit, a reason to inspire pride than spite, Rwanda Development Board has handed over the completed Carnegie Mellon Africa campus to the Ministry of Education and the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences graduated its first batch of pan-African Co-operative Masters degree graduates in Mathematical Science.

This country is busy working to improve its people’s destiny and has no time to waste in petty machinations. Actually it is busy plotting its next satellite launch with the Japanese and to test the nuclear waters with the Russians. It is busy thinking big and not about a non-existing border crisis as “the sky is not the limit”.