An open letter to my fellow millennials

Dear Millenials,

Do you remember as a young child growing up? Do you all remember how much you fantasized about being 25 and above?


How you innocently and naively thought that somehow you would have your whole life magically figured out (emotionally, financially, socially) by your mid to late twenties?


Well I guess some did, but many of us probably haven’t.


We are living each day as it comes, meeting the bare minimum - surviving, working jobs we love or probably don’t.

But does it matter whether we love these jobs or not?? It doesn't seem to matter, because our primary objective right now is to earn a living, find some sense of purpose or at least a reason to wake up every morning.

We are pushing through relationships that are probably meant to be or shouldn’t have existed in the first place. 

Some of us know which path we want to take regarding our social status or which career moves to make, whether to marry or not, stay in our jobs or switch careers. 

But honestly most of the 20 something year olds are just living life through a frenzy. Majority of us are on self-discovery trips, uncovering our own selves and learning who we truly are. And it’s not easy.

We are the generation that is opening up the mental health debate because we are the generation that grew up with high expectations about life, got disappointed and voiced it out.

Our fore fathers worked mostly to provide for their families and provide a descent education for their children.

But we are the generation where working to survive is not our only goal, we get much more to do than to simply survive, we want to have amazing parties, afford amazing vacations, we have dream destinations, we have bucket-lists to tick off, we want fancy clothes.

But whether we are willing to put in the hard-work or not, that's a topic for another day. And whether the hard-work is what can give us the lifestyle we want or not, that's still a topic up for discussion for another time.

Especially now, considering the fact that one has to “work smart” and “not hard”.

Well some people say we millennials, are so entitled. But is it wrong to demand for certain rights? Is it wrong to have standards regarding various aspects in life??

Do you know what has made this whole process hard for this millennial generation?

Social Media. We have an app for every emotion we feel. Are you lonely, go to Tinder. Want to lazy around? Turn to Netflix.

Itching for gossip? Try facebook. Do you want to show how much you are living the best life: Instagram, Want a free debate or argument? Just go to twitter. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean these apps don’t serve a good purpose but hey!

With all these distractions where we watch our agemates live the best lives, I mean, on these social media streets, everybody appears to be living their best life now.

And surprisingly or maybe I shouldn't be surprised, some have “made it in life”, living large and pompously minus the conventional 9-5 jobs.

So, do you expect us to be 100% content with our own lives while spectating all that? As Oliver Twist said “We want more”.

Slightly different with our generation though, we are not looking for just more, "We want more and Better".

But also the bright side is, we are the critical Generation, and with us there are no in betweens, we either give 100% or 0%. We either go big, or we simply go home.

We are the generation of risk takers.

All in all, we are trying to figure this thing called life out but in a louder way.  We show the emotions of our battles and it’s ok.

The Self-Discovery Bus we boarded keeps breaking down, but guess what, it's never been a permanent breakdown. So we are moving and are doing just fine and we shall be fine!!!!

The author is a Corporate Banker, who is also passionate about women’s rights and equality.

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