Kabuga’s arrest: The impending judgement day!

If we have learned anything in the last twenty-six years after the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi, is that impunity leads to denial, which in turn impedes reconciliation.

There is an obvious ideological abyss separating young people who grew up in Rwanda under the politics of unity and reconciliation and those brought up in the West by parents who left Rwanda after committing atrocities.


Children whose parents have not been brought to book for their participation in the genocide against the Tutsi feel empowered to carry on their legacy, promoting genocide ideology and double genocide theories.


It seems the justification given to them by their parents isn’t different from that broadcasted on Radio Television des Milles Collines during the genocide to excite Hutu masses into a killing spree: ‘we killed Tutsi because they wanted to kill us.’ The proverbial ‘accusation in mirror’, which continues to dupe many still.


The world has itself to blame for letting genocidaires and their supporters write their memoirs. People who are not fit to live in society have been allowed to raise their children into hatred and thus perpetuate genocide ideology.

For this we have Europe to thank: the new Argentina for Nazis. Unlike Kabuga who’s just been apprehended in France after 26 years on the run, most genocide perpetrators live out in the open, undisturbed. They are given placards and banners to stage protests whenever the man who stopped the genocide passes through Europe; they feed talking points to western journalists and inspire heartbreaking books and documentaries, at times bankrolled on western taxpayers. As Kabuga’s trial is likely to reveal, the genocide against the Tutsi was and remains an international conspiracy.

On the list of VIPs who were to be flown out of the country as Kigali  was captured by the Rwandan Patriotic Front in April 1994 was Kabuga’s family alongside his in-laws, the Habyarimanas. They have since been living in France under the protection French authorities. It is no accident then, that Kabuga too was captured in France. The fugitive was traveling on over twenty passports, all authenticated.

It is interesting that Osama Bin Laden chose Abbottabad in Pakistan as his place of hiding, while Kabuga chose the Schengen zone for his comfort, indeed, surrounded by sympathizers, children, in-laws and his fortune! Yet, all member countries of the United Nations General Assembly are bound by numerous resolutions not to facilitate the evasion of justice to wanted international criminals under UN high-priority lists.

Kabuga has continued to fund the genocide against the Tutsi long after it was stopped in practice. The creator of the so-called ‘National Defence Fund’, Kabuga used the fund to import vast numbers of machetes and uniforms for the army and Interahamwe militia. After the genocide, his blood money not only helped him evade capture, it has continued to bankroll anti-Rwanda movements across the globe, ranging from militias in forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo, to gentrified ‘pro-democracy’ - double genocide theorists in the West, their offspring and sympathizing journalists and academics, to Kagame critics operating in the region. For instance, Paulin Murayi, Kabuga’s son-in law is photographed with Kayumba Nyamwasa and late Patrick Karegeya - two founders of Rwanda National Congress, a terrorist outfit operating in African and Western capitals.

However, this could be the turning point. Kabuga’s arrest bears geopolitical implications on genocide ideologues worldwide. Those who were promised protection by Mitterrand-era French intelligentsia now understand that their benefactors will not be honoring their promises any longer. It is significant that his arrest coincides with the corroboration of Augustin Bizimana’s death and Fabien Neretse’s confirmation of a twenty five year sentence in France; all three top genocide masterminds.

As he finally faces justice in days to come, it will be important to know who facilitated his movements; which countries, which powerful people issued him these passports and which banks facilitated his transactions.

For the genocide movement in the West, the dismantling of Kabuga’s support network signals the beginning of the end for their terrorist organization, and for their children and supporters; a time for reckoning, the incoming judgement day!

Kabuga’s arrest is therefore a big blow to Jambo ASBL, RNC and FDLR; three offshoots of the genocide ideology; it is a big upset to Victoire Ingabire, daughter and wife of sentenced killers currently harbored in Holland and Belgium. The woman recently crawled out of the woodwork to canvass for politics in Rwanda (see: https://bit.ly/3c9952w).

While any crime is personal, it is inconceivable for the daughter of Hitler or Einsmann to present themselves as reformed politicians and be given a platform in Germany or - God forbid - in Israel to spew their nonsense. We forgave, but we aren’t stupid!

Let history recall, for posterity, that genocide perpetrators were given sanctuary, and their children given platform to peddle their fathers’ hatred in western quarters, twenty six years after the genocide against the Tutsi.

Let it be recorded, that Tutsi survivors were at times denied stay in the European capital where Kabuga, one of the masterminds of the genocide was unearthed after being harbored for over two decades on valid visas.

This is important learning for Rwandan and African youth today and our children tomorrow, to know exactly what they’re up against and what they have to do.

We’ll teach them to be kind and forgiving, we’ll also ensure no one takes their kindness for weakness. Never again!


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