Imagine the pain and devastation of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi

The world today is literally on lockdown nearly in every corner as we try to curb the COVID 19 outbreak. The pandemic has claimed more than 200,000 in about three months since it broke out in China.

Now imagine all the deaths, fear and dissolution crammed in one single country every day.


But more than that;


Imagine people killed not by an invisible virus but fellow humans, some of whom had been friends and neighbors, relatives or even spouse(s) wielding guns, machettes, hoes, axes, shovels, sticks, and knives; shooting, hacking, cutting, raping, dismembering. Every hour, every day for 3 months!


Imagine living in the fear of knowing that no matter where you run to, you would be targeted and killed. Imagine your death being the only end you can envisage.

Imagine not seeing an end to this frenzy.

Now, Imagine seeing the rest of the world turn its back on your suffering and knowing that your death will never have meaning. That you will be just another dead body on the streets, in the shambas and swamps.

Imagine having no place to hide and no friend to talk to. Can you imagine that?

That was the reality of every single one of the 100 days for the victims and survivors of the Genocide against the Tutsi, 26 years ago.

In just three months, the Genocide against the Tutsi cost Rwanda over a million lives. Imagine surviving the horror. Imagine living with that memory. 

Imagine the suffering the Genocide against the Tutsi left in its tracks; babies and youngsters whose memories have had to carry the pains of seeing loved ones hacked to death and their worlds shattered.

So friends, as we stay home to keep safe, let us remember those dark days. Let us stand with those who lived through the painful days and long nights. Pray for them, stand with them emotionally and support them with every means at our disposal.

Nevertheless, imagine people finding strengths to fight and defend life when actually life seemed to lack meaning!

Imagine men and women young and old who braved wet April days and nights to fight and save and gave back light to life.

As we remember, let us be encouraged to rebuild, and find the resilience to fight whatever the enemy with a resolved humanity.

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