Holding genocidaires with kid gloves is a simmering time bomb

Denmark has continued in the tradition of other Nordic countries in fighting impunity regarding the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. It has decided to extradite to Rwanda another suspect, Wenceslas Twagirayezu.

The notorious militia leader in the former Gisenyi carved himself a niche in the rogues’ gallery of some of the most ruthless killers. He was the leader of the extremist CDR party in his home town and played an active part in the killings around the town.

Some of the most high profile massacres he is alleged to have spearheaded and participated in were at St. Fidele University and Adventist University of Mudende.

Unlike other European countries that harbor many Genocide suspects but are reluctant to bring them to justice, Scandinavian nations have cooperated fully with Rwandan judicial authorities by extraditing suspects or conducting trials in the courts.

Even though it has taken four years to get Twagirayezu to come and face his accusers, it is a sigh of relief to families of his victims as now they might be able to get some closure.

Twagirayezu’s case, and many others before him who have been extradited, is an encouraging sign that however long it takes, this country will not cease seeking justice. And for countries that are still holding out, you will only have yourself to blame when extremism starts to creep into your political systems because you cultivated immunity.

Today, the children of many Genocidaires – some still freely roaming European streets - have come up with a new strategy to drive their agenda. They have infiltrated political movements in Europe in order to sanitise their ideology. Those are the wages of baby-sitting genocidaires.