Editorial: While some are fighting the virus, others are fighting their demons

Some of FDLR militias captured by Congolese Army last year.

The coronavirus pandemic has dominated the world’s media sphere. Everyone is running helter-skelter trying to contain it, some with success while others have more or less raised their arms in despair.

Rwanda has managed to keep it under control even though the tracking of possible contacts is an energy and resource-draining affair. It is fair to say that the fact of the 138 confirmed cases, 60 have been cured and discharged, something is being done right.


On the international scene, US President Donald Trump defied all logic when he pulled the rug from under the World Health Organisation’s feet, the body at the helm of fighting the pandemic.


Incidentally, that comes at a time the United States is the worst affected country with over 600,000 cases and more than 30,000 deaths.


At that same time, a certain government minister from a neighbouring country who has a soft spot for the FDLR genocidal forces was Twitter-ranting again. As is always the case when his adopted ragtag of a force gets a severe beating at the hands of the DRC government forces, he turns his seething anger on Rwanda.

Yes, it is not the first time the honourable minister suffers a case of sour grapes, which, he should rest assured is more potent than COVID-19.

And yes, but when one uses phrases like; “countries who lie about their economic development by forging statistics” and “clean streets mean nothing when you have no food”, in the same sentence, it is akin to the proverbial monkey that climbs up the tree.

The genocidal forces and their supporters – including the said gentlemen – failed to cow this country, it is not hastily deleted tweets that will. Screenshots are really wonderful tools.


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