Editorial: We need tougher tax evasion laws

Rwanda Revenue Authority has announced that it has surpassed its tax collection target by Rwf 30 billion in the first half, having collected over 1.4 in the last six months alone.

People might wonder how that amount is exceptional until they realise that what has so far been collected was the country’s budget just a few years ago.

This is an indication of just how far we have come and the efforts invested were not in vain but are propelling this country forward. Another interesting pointer; in 1995, Rwanda’s budget was a mere 56 billion and it could only come up with just about 30 per cent of the amount.

The above references should always be drummed up in people’s years, of the hole this country dug itself out of. It is even amazing that it managed to make anything at all leave alone having the courage to draw up a budget with no idea where to come up with the money.

So, when one hears of businessmen who are comfortable with evading taxes, it is the same as spitting in the face of your saviour.

We are still in the liberation mood so they remember that sacrifices made so they could get a conducive environment to carry out their businesses and all they think of is ripping the government off.

Some countries like the USA and Spain have some of the toughest anti-tax evasion laws, they are merciless. Maybe be it is time the government mulls taking that same route so tax evaders and smugglers understand the gravity of their offences.

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