Editorial: We can make merry and stay safe

This is that time of the season that brings out the best in many people; generosity, kindness and a sense of togetherness.

Despite Christmas being a Christian celebration, the fact that is quickly followed by the New Year, has made it a trans-denominational festivity.

It is a goldmine for businesses as people go out on a spending spree to show their goodwill.

Millions of animals will go under the butcher’s knife as people eat and drink with abandon. They plan meticulously for the season that puts a heavy dent on their pockets.

Unfortunately, it is also a time of recklessness that is never matched throughout the year, despite the effort put in every year by our law enforcement agencies to minimize resultant occurrences like road accidents.

Many fall victims of accidents that are usually fueled by over indulgence of alcohol. A season of merriment suddenly becomes a time of grief.

As we have witnessed over the years, the national Police goes on its toes early, sensitizing the population against drunk-driving. A couple of seasons ago it even went a mile further by offering to ferry drunk drivers to their homes.

Well, that show of goodwill from our police is no more. Party hoppers will have to fend for themselves and it is up to them to behave responsibly.

But as we wrap up the year, it is also time to reflect on our achievements as we look forward to the future. So let us keep safe this season so that we can take an active role in driving this country forward. We won’t do so from the hospital bed or the graveyard.

The New Timesfamily wishes its readers a safe and wonderful festive season.