EDITORIAL: University students have a key role in their return to school

The debate on when and how university students will return to school following the suspension of in-class learning due to the coronavirus is back to the forefront. 

Universities are working on readjusting their campuses to cater for in-class learning while practicing preventive measures such as social distancing. 


The scary part, however, is what is happening in countries that opened up for university students.  The infection rates in universities have skyrocketed and they have become the new hotspots. 


This is a reminder of how contagious the virus can be. And any complacency will be punished by catching the virus. 


What is happening in universities that opened should serve as a reminder that students must be responsible citizens and adhere to the recommended guidelines. University students must learn to avoid social gatherings and correctly wear masks. 

On a brighter note, Thursday recorded one of the lowest new infections in the last month. According to the Ministry of Health, only 10 people tested positive for the virus. This is noticeable progress considering a few weeks ago new infections were north of 100. 

So far, Rwanda has recorded 4,789 cases of which more than 3,000 have recovered. Unfortunately, 27 people did not make it and succumbed to complications resulting from the virus. 

The lower the infections, the higher the confidence in re-opening the schools. And, since it is responsible behavior that will lead to the reopening of schools, it is the same behavior that will keep them open. 

The risk and dangers of staying out of school are too costly, we can not afford to take any chances. Let us all play our role in following the recommended guidelines so students can return to school among other many benefits. 


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