Editorial: Umushyikirano 2019: Another opportunity to draw lessons and aim higher

The year 2019 is projected to be a good year for Rwanda’s economy overall, with a double-digit growth rate. Now that is something to be proud of as a people just as the country prepares to usher in the year 2020.

But before we welcome the New Year, Rwandans will have the opportunity to reflect on their development journey and jointly draw up a plan for the coming year.


The annual National Umushyikirano Council is scheduled this week and it will not only serve to evaluate the country’s performance over the last 12 months but it will also be an opportunity to take stock of our journey over the last 20 years in the context of Vision 2020.


With the Government now implementing the seven-year National Strategy for Transformation I, which marries Vision 2020 and its successor blueprint Vision 2050, this year’s Umushyikirano should serve to help bring about further clarity on the crossover into the next socioeconomic dispensation.


As has been the case with previous editions this year’s Umushyikirano is expected to be an open and inclusive discussion about the implementation of the previous edition’s resolutions, emerging challenges and opportunities, and defining and setting targets for the next 12 months.

It is a home-grown formula that has worked for us over the last 16 years by promoting accountability on public service delivery and deepening a culture of efficient, effective governance.

Indeed, Rwandans will be eager to find out how the Government performed on each of the 10 recommendations (PDF) from last year’s dialogue, and partake in devising appropriate measures to address whatever challenges that may have manifested especially in the area of safety net programmes designed for the poor.

This forum has always been candid, action-oriented and results-driven with leaders and other participants ready to listen, draw lessons and, together, challenge themselves to even aim higher. Rwandans will be expecting nothing less come this Thursday and Friday.


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