Editorial: There is reason to believe in the future of this country, its youth

ThePresident yesterday met with over 2,000 youths in the latest “Meet-the-President” series. The outcome was not disappointing at all, on the contrary, it drew a picture of energetic and patriotic youth who have tonnes of ideas to drive this country further.

The fact that many among them are students in the Diaspora turned the meeting into a melting pot of ideas and was an inspirational nerve centre. With many Government officials in attendance, the youth were shown the door but only they have the key.

It was exhilarating to see young people giving solutions to issues the country was facing which policy makers had not thought about; and even if they did, had not communicated.

For example, one of the key issues the President broached was the rise of drug abuse among the youth on which he took considerable time addressing and giving advice. But as one young lady pointed out, sometimes it is more effective to find out what lay behind the addiction.

She advised that schools be equipped with counsellors who the youth could turn to before depression sets in and they turn to drugs for solace. The suggestion was positively received.

It was an opportunity for the top leadership to feel the pulse of the youth. Most of them have just entered the job market and are young entrepreneurs with startups. They pointed out the hurdles they meet, some of which the Government seemed unaware of and promised to look into.

The session with the President gives one confidence that the future of this country is in the right hands as they come from the same old mold the current generation of leaders were cast.