EDITORIAL: There is no place for complacency in the fight against Covid-19

The Coronavirus and protective measures have now become part of very many people’s lives all over the world.

The way a country deals with its spread also informs its predictability and containment. Those who were cautious from the beginning have been able to keep it at manageable levels, just as those who threw caution to the air are paying the price.


Rwanda has been on its toes from the very beginning and even if we still have Covid-19 on our hands, the efforts put in by the government’s policies and dedication of health workers has not gone unnoticed, but it all comes down to concerted efforts  and timely interventions.


Some neighbourhoods in Kicukiro District which have been in total lockdown in the last few days can at last breathe a sigh of relief after it was lifted. It was a painful but necessary measure that called on everyone’s efforts to curb the virus that is more potent in urban and crowded areas.


But all the same, Rwanda Biomedical Centre deserves special mention for its swift and decisive actions of going after the Covid-19 on the streets of Kigali. Its success has now opened the road to take it to rural areas.

However, caution and vigilance are still needed as some people still do not fully understand the dangers of the virus. That is the case of four people who this week escaped from a Covid-19 treatment centre in the Eastern Province.

Luckily, swift action led to their capture but that goes to show that some reckless people still abound so it is too early to let our guard down.


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