Editorial: “Smart Kigali” is loosening tongues but with no effect

The long awaited “Smart Kigali” initiative is finally taking off and is set to be fully airborne soon.

It has been in the pipeline for some time but now the waiting is over and finally becoming a reality. A few people realized that when the first mobility App was launched, SafeMoto fitted well into the equation.

Soon came YegoMoto and YegoCabs before the icing on the cake as far as mobility was concerned; Move by locally assembled Volkswagen.

Jumia food also made eating out easier, the restaurants came to you. In short, everything is on your fingertips through ICT. The testing phase of the free WiFi on all buses is now being rolled out. Those plying Kigali routes will have access to 4G networks while upcountry buses will have to do with 3G for the moment.

Now the smart bus shelters are stealing the show. The first prototype has already been unveiled and by June over 160 shelters will be dotting Kigali routes.

They will have WiFi, TV, smart adverting screens and transport schedules. The busy ones will also have public toilets. Going by reactions on social media many Rwandans (and even Non-nationals on the web) are in awe.

But as usual, a few sour grapes cannot miss the show. They troll every good news reported about Rwanda with their diatribe and negativity. But that should not distract Rwandans from their choice to build a modern country, smart infrastructure and good public service.

The noisemakers will always be there, but let us not forget the famous saying; “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words alone will never hurt me”. It is a good time to be in Rwanda.