EDITORIAL: Single use plastics on its last lap, good riddance

The war against plastics has intensified with the Government drafting a new law that will outlaw single-use plastics on its territory.

It is one of the most far-reaching policies so far after the banning of plastic bags in 2006. Items to be affected include plastic cups, ear buds, cutlery, drinking straws and PET bottles for water and soft drinks.

In fact, in many public institutions the use of single-use plastics has been phased out. No more plastic mineral water bottles in meetings.

The European Union also recently slapped a ban of single-use plastics that have been blamed for clogging our oceans and water channels causing a great threat to marine life.

When plastics were first introduced in social life, the wonder material was celebrated as yet another milestone in human development. Plastics made life easier; use and discard it. It sounded like music to the ears at that time yet it was a ticking time-bomb.

The ban is surely bound to give rise to new innovative replacements that could see the traditional way of life make a comeback. So, this is a chance for adventurous innovators to spread their wings.

When Rwanda first banned plastic bags, people wondered how they would manage without them. Today they have been forgotten as new environmental-friendly packaging has taken over.

Single-use plastics will also ride towards the sunset of oblivion, and life will go on, giving earth another lease of life.