EDITORIAL: Reopening some services when the risks are still high not advisable

The Corona virus does not seem to be going anywhere soon but it sure has put a scare on many people and countries that things will no longer be the same.

One lasting legacy that it might leave behind is the culture of simple, regular handwashing and a major reduction in diseases caused by poor hygiene.


Another major lesson the virus gave the world is that it is not the highly sophisticated medical equipment and world class doctors that will keep C19 at bay. If anything, the most medically and financially advanced countries were the heaviest hit.


With worldwide cases hitting the 7.5 million mark, there are cases of a second wave hitting where it had eased. The reason is that the economic downturn has started to bite and so countries take risks of easing some of the restrictions such as use of mass transport.


Another risk factor has been the mass protests against the killing of George Floyd taking place in many cities of the world, especially Europe and the US. The dangers of new infections are high.

Back home, religious organisations are also feeling the financial pinch and have come up with suggestions on how to resume worship services without too many risks.

But it is still too early to reopen mass religious services and bars for one simple reason; when people have attained a certain degree of religious fervor and have had too much to drink, they tend to throw caution to the air.

Let us keep our thirst for piety and alcohol-induced camaraderie aside a little longer, at least until the western part of the country is brought under control.


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