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EDITORIAL: The Quest for Answers Must Continue

A number of survivors of the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi are still looking for answers from the perpetrators. They want to know where their families were buried after being brutally killed. 

On August 13, 2020, information surfaced that there are bodies that were buried in pits, and homes were built to conceal the pits.


According to officials, based on the information they received, remains of about 100 people have so far been exhumed from the compound that is located in the City neighborhood of Nyamirambo in Nyarugenge district. 


Six people have been arrested as part of the investigations. 


This information will not only come as painful relief to the families but a reminder that Rwandans should not tire in the search for the truth, including where their families were killed or buried.  

Then there are those who knowingly conceal credible information that can help families locate their loved ones and accord them a decent burial. Such people should be treated the same way as the perpetrators and the law should issue out harsh sentences for those found guilty. 

It should be public knowledge that anyone found guilty of hiding crucial information will be held accountable for their actions or inactions. 

It may be 26 years since the Genocide took place, but the determination to get to the bottom of such crimes against humanity must outlive generations.

And so must the desire to ensure it never happens again.

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