Editorial: Make the most of Africa CEO Forum

The 7th Africa CEO Forum gets underway at Kigali Convention Centre today, with about 1500 delegates drawn from around the African continent and beyond.

The annual meeting, one of the largest and high-profile gatherings of business executives and investors on the continent, offers a unique opportunity to governments and private sector to engage seasoned experts and industry captains with view to unlocking capital for entrepreneurs and the potential of startups, as well as attracting Foreign Direct Investments.

That Rwanda becomes only the second African country to host the business meeting – after Ivory Coast – underlines the country’s growing status as a top conference destination and its strategic location as a gateway to the wider East African market of over 150 million people.

But the question is whether Rwandans, especially businesses, are ready to make the most of this highly important gathering by tapping into the wealth of knowledge, capital and experience of those in attendance.

Designed to shape the business agenda of Africa”, the two-day meeting brings together key decision-makers in the business world, investors, financial institutions, and government leaders, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Rwandan businesses not only to network and learn about such things as business ethics and resource mobilisation,  but also to pitch to potential partners and funders.

To the local establishments, such as hotels, restaurants, transport firms, tour operators, and other businesses that will receive or interact with the visiting delegates in one way or another, make the most of this opportunity by offering excellent service and representing your country in the best way possible.

To all the foreign delegates, Murakaza neza – make yourself at home, and please make it a point to venture beyond your hotel and the meeting venue to get to learn more about the people of Rwanda, the city and the country at large.




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