Editorial: Luanda has to prove it can deliver peace

Ugandans and Rwandans’ eyes are eagerly turned towards Luanda, Angola, where the Third Quadripartite Summit takes place on Sunday, February 2.

All we can do is keep our fingers crossed. Will something concrete come out of that meeting finally or are we in for another disappointment? Previous meetings have ended in high spirits only to be shattered shortly after due to the non-implementation of decisions taken.

It is unbelievable that it is taking the third summit, without mentioning other side meetings, to simply clear the bad air. What is so complicated in meeting the demands of both sides, if any?

Will the recent cabinet reshuffle in Uganda have any bearing on the outcome? One of the key players in the Ugandan delegation was directly implicated in the destabilisation efforts by anti-Rwandan negative forces.

He was moved to a different docket and then came out with all guns blazing armed with the vilest and virulent tweets that showed his true colours. He is still in office but hopefully not on the negotiating team.

But in order to achieve tangible results sincerity should be laid on the table because it seems it was in short supply in previous meetings. Let all parties leave Luanda with firm commitments go address all burning issues and stop moaning the closure of one border out of three because that is not the issue.

A few individuals should not hold hostage the millions in both countries who deserve to enjoy their peace, security and free movement. Once again, let us keep our fingers crossed that our hope will not be dashed once again.


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