EDITORIAL: At long last, Meteo gets it right

Rwanda Meteorological Agency has at last retrieved its forecast reputation by correctly warning the public of the current heavy rains.

In the past, its predictions were a laughing stock and subject for jokes, but this time it is the toast of the town because its forecast helped save lives.


Some time back there was a lot of outcries after people living in high-risk zones and swamps were relocated, but today they should be thankful that what they at first regarded as an unpopular policy turned out to be a masterstroke in disaster prevention.


The rains could be seen as a nuisance to city dwellers as it disrupts life-as-usual, but in areas such as Eastern Province, they are rejoicing after nearly three years of little rainfall.


So, the heavy rains should not just come and go, especially for people in dry and semi-arid areas. By now government officials should have learnt a lesson and put in place water management policies, but how ready are they?

The Ministry of Agriculture and related agencies should have prepared the population not to let the water just go to waste or end up in the Nile with all our most precious fertile topsoil.

But, on a lighter note, just as babies first learn to crawl before they can walk, uptake in technology also takes time.

One can bet their last franc that the weather forecast people have new technology to thank. Hopefully, people will be able to foretell whether to keep an umbrella in hand or hook sunglasses on their shirts. But well done Meteo.


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