Editorial: Local businesses need to step up their game if they are to tap into growing opportunities

RwandAir on Friday launched its 25th destination with a new route to the Nigerian capital Abuja.  

The development means that the national carrier now flies to two Nigerian cities – in addition to Lagos. 

Officials also said they plan to open more long-haul routes in the next few months – including Guangzhou in China – while the airline also remains on course to open its first American route sometime next year. 

The airline continues to grow in leaps and bounds, and it is expected that it will transport nearly 1.2 million passengers this year, up from about 900,000 last year.

The opening of the second route between Nigeria and Rwanda comes with fresh opportunities.

Indeed, local businesses should seek to make the most of these developments.

For instance, continued expansion of RwandAir presents immense opportunities to the exports sector.

This, coupled with the benefits that come with the Made-in-Rwanda campaign and other initiatives including the recently signed African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement, should encourage businesses to up their game and subsequently help the country narrow its trade deficit. 

There is a lot that Rwanda can sell to the rest of the world; from agricultural products to dairy products and services. All it takes is for businesses and other players to better understand these opportunities and what needs to be done to leverage them.


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