Editorial: Lifting the lockdown lies in your hands

Even though Nkombo is an island in Lake Kivu, it is also one of the sectors that mark Rusizi District on the mainland.

It is also the latest centre of attention in the fight against Covid-19 and together with Kamembe, have reverted to total lockdown.


Now, whenever new figures are released, people tend to turn their attention to the number of new cases and forget to look at the bigger picture.


After all these months, Rwanda has managed to contain the virus to around 500 cases with two deaths, compared with its neighbours, Kenya from example, which is now nearly hitting 3,500 and about 100 dead.


Let us put it this way; 63 per cent of all infected cases have recovered. It was not a matter of chance but complying with safety measures, some of which were not welcome at the beginning. Many felt they were being inconvenienced, but now they know better.

The country was well on the road of fully controlling the pandemic until someone, possibly a smuggler(s), crossed into Bukavu where preventive and protective measures are not as stringent as in Rwanda.

Now instead of further relaxing social restrictions Lake Kivu, the livelihood of many, is out of bounds. If we can just hold on a bit longer, we might just be able to fully gain our freedoms. But it all depends on how much one is willing to sacrifice for the sake of many. It all begins with you.


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