Editorial: Let constructive politics reign

The mourning week for the 25th commemoration of the Genocide against the Tutsi came to an end yesterday, April 13.

This does not mean that the commemoration has been concluded for this year.

Actually the activities will go on for the next one hundred days, up to July 4, the time we celebrate Liberation Day, when the forces under RPF-Inkotanyi moved to stop the massacre.

But this was not until way over a million people had been killed at the behest of greedy politicians, who had hatched this evil plan for decades.

At the event to conclude the national mourning week came to an end yesterday, various speakers touched on the greed of the politicians of the time which cost the lives of our loved ones.

The speakers also got time to reflect on the good deeds of another group of politicians in the country at the time, including those that were being honoured at Rebero Genocide Memorial.

The good news is, the post-genocide government was forward-looking enough to embrace a consensus-based political dispensation, one where there is no one-winner-takes-all type of politics.

This is a good start and beyond consensus, all leaders should make sure they have the interests of the people above of anything else, and work towards the elimination of any sort of segregation in the country.

Meanwhile, on the part of the citizenry both within and out of the country, as we continue to remember our loved ones killed in the Genocide against the Tutsi, let all of us fight genocide denial, in any form it may manifest.