Editorial: It‘s not all about conferences; RCB should leave its mark behind

Rwanda Convention Bureau (RCB) will be very busy this coming week with no fewer than six international conferences taking place in Kigali. 

Some of those conferences include the African Potato Association, which will be holding its 11th triannual conference and the organization of Eastern and Southern Africa Insurers that will meet for the 42nd time. 

Other international conferences to take place are the Commonwealth Association of Polytechnics, the Occupational Therapy Africa Regional Group.

The serious cases of stunting among African children will be high on the agenda when the Federation of African Nutrition Society meets. Most importantly, a Global Logistics Conference that begins deliberations next Thursday could not have come at a better time or at a better location seeing that logistics, especially transportation is a major challenge on the continent.

So, many international conferences are keeping Rwanda Convention Bureau very busy. Last year the International Congress and Convention Association ranked Kigali as the second most popular destination of choice for conferences, after Cape Town, South Africa

But does it stop at just hosting successful conferences? What does it do with the outcomes, decisions, and declarations adopted in those meetings?

There needs to be a database where reports and final communique are kept because when the delegates depart, they leave behind no footprint of what was discussed. Having a database would be a good tool for researchers and students, it would be RCB’s legacy, that it facilitated the shaping of policies that affected the world.