EDITORIAL: It is unbelievable that Rwanda could recruit such poor spies

Just when someone thinks they have seen and heard everything, then, boom!

By now the story of mass arrests of Rwandans in Uganda should have been stale news, but it is the astounding level of excuses and explanation from Ugandan authorities that stokes interest.

Ugandan media reported this week that more than 40 Rwandans had been arrested in a church in a Kampala suburb. In their own admission, the Ugandan police did not take an active part in the arrests but stood aside and let the military intelligence guys conduct the operation.

However the security apparatus conducts its operations is up to them, but the least they could come up with was some plausible explanation, but coming up with the most astounding fantasies is beyond anyone’s understanding.

First of all; that the Church was exclusively attended by Rwandans and they were carrying out spying activities is the tallest fib someone can come up with. Had that been the case, they would have stood out like a sore thumb long ago; and anyway they would have been very poor spies.

Spies are said to be very elusive and work in the shadows. In the spook world, the left hand does not know what the right is doing; concealment is the keyword. Either those who were given the task of coming up with explanations are poor liars or they are just reading from prepared script authored by people with dark motives.

But truth be told; the architects of this latest mass arrests are not doing peace and good neighbourliness a favour, even though they deserve citations for publicly announcing the arrests. Others have not been so lucky as to share their whereabouts with the outside world.