EDITORIAL: HEC needs to come down hard on errant varsities

Several private Universities are facing a salaries crisis with arrears going as far back as August last year.

One of them is the University of Kibungo that has been in the media for a long time over a number of issues affecting the quality of education. 

The administrations of private varsities are autonomous, however, that does not give them leeway to work unprofessionally.  How do they expect lecturers with empty stomachs to impart quality education?

Some of the institutions are so deep in debt that they are not only reluctant to pay the arrears; they have proposed a drastic pay cut with a “Take it or Leave it” caveat. They are arm-twisting their employees into a corner in broad daylight.

This is very serious and needs an urgent remedy.

Recently, HEC, the regulator, intervened and suspended the medical faculty of a certain private university in the Southern Province to ensure quality. Such stringent measure are what makes the difference. 

Quality education should not be sacrificed at the altar of profit margins because it seems that is the direction private institutions seem to taking if not nipped in the bud.

Tough measures, including withdrawal of licences, are imperative if we are to ensure students get quality education. 

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