EDITORIAL: Deploy technology to win the fight against the fakes

The City of Kigali has urged the public to be on the lookout for fake construction permits.

The caution was issued after it emerged that some residents were being duped with fake documents to put up their structures. So far, according to City Hall, most of the culprits are quack architects who are duping developers. 


In addition to being illegal, such actions put the lives of people in danger. Be-it those involved with the construction or those who will eventually occupy the building. 


Unfortunately, the dangers that come with fakes – revenue loss, damages, lawsuits, and health-related cases - have not deterred the counterfeit market. 


On the bright side, advances in technology have boosted anti-counterfeit measures. More companies and organisations are now using technology to stay ahead of the counterfeiters.

It is important to note that counterfeiters too are always on top of their game, but since they are the ones on the chase, companies, and organisations that invest in anti-faking strategies will always have the advantage.

That said, it is imperative that those in the business of producing protection, must keep innovating to maintain their technical advantage. After all, you can rule out that the counterfeit industry will only continue to grow.  

As companies deploy anti-counterfeit measures, they need to invest in educating consumers as well. There is no doubt that consumers are becoming more interested in the authenticity of products and this translates to enhance accountability on producers. 

And, with the increasing availability of devices such as smartphones, consumers now have the tools and power to easily authenticate their purchases independently. 


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