Editorial: CNN easily taken for a ride by Kara Fox and her “opposition” friends

Corporal Jean-Paul Mwiseneza was a marked man but he always managed to elude death by whiskers. His story is the story shared by many Genocide survivors.

In 1994, at the height of the Genocide against the Tutsi, Mwiseneza and his father were attacked; his father died and Mwiseneza was left for dead. Luckily he survived to tell the story.


In 2007, the killers again set on him, stabbing him; again he survived but he knew his days were numbered as long as his killers still roamed the village hills. He got a job as a prison warden but last month his luck ran out and his hunters finally caught up with him.


To make sure that they had him this time, they decapitated him.


Now, CNN’s Kara Fox cynically places his death in President Paul Kagame’s camp simply because an opportunistic wannabee politician, Diane Rwigara, suddenly claims the wardens “friendship” and that he died because he had spoken to her about a non-existent prison unrest.

The CNN journalist goes ahead and parrots claims by the perennial opposition figure, Victoire Ingabire, but fails to question her motives.

They find it convenient to ignore the fact that she had close ties to the genocidal machine and, immediately after the Genocide, she headed an organisation known as RDR that was formed in the refugee camps in the former Zaïre that morphed into ALIR and then FDLR, terrorist organisations that are still causing havoc in DR Congo.

Can Kara Fox lay claim to the fact that all the unarmed black men shot dead frequently in the US died at the behest of President Donald Trump who has not hidden his issues with minorities?

Recycling dead claims are not giving credit to CNN but sanitising personal and institutional hate-mongers, many of who will never change no matter how much whitewash is used.

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